Wreaths & Brush

Plantations BL Christmas Trees provides wholesale fresh natural Christmas Wreaths and Greeneries and will deliver anywhere in North America. Our wreaths are individually handmade, ensuring every single wreath will be of a deep dark green color from premium Balsam fir or Fraser fir tips, cut directly in our plantations.

Using fresh brush and working in a cold and tempered environment will ensure the wreaths meet your expectations, and that they provide an aromatic scent that will surely be an excellent reminder of the natural fresh scent of the forest.

They are available in different sizes, double faced and heavy density. While the 22 inch diameter wreath is the most popular size (12 inch ring size), we also offer custom sized wreaths up to 72 inches in diameter, for special events or commercial use.

We welcome fundraising programs from Schools, Fire Departments, Community Service Organizations and all other Social Clubs & Organizations.


We offer the traditional 50 pound bales of brush for our customers requesting fresh branches in Balsam fir tips or Fraser fir tips variety. All bales are weighed directly in the field, ensuring the weight is accurate. They can be used for wreath making, grave blankets, kissing balls or simply for hanging greens on doors.

We also offer bulk order of fresh cut brush for greenhouses that produces wreaths. Each tractor trailer is weighed before the loading process and after, knowing exactly how many pounds of fresh brush was loaded in each trailer. One full load is usually about 35’000 pounds. Please give us a call for more details.

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