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Wreaths & Brush

BL CHRISTMAS TREES provides wholesale fresh natural Christmas wreaths and greeneries and will deliver all over North America. BL CHRISTMAS TREES‘ wreaths are all handmade from premium Balsam fir tips and Fraser fir tips, cut directly in our plantations in the fall. Always using fresh branches and working in a cold and tempered environment will ensure the wreaths to be up to the quality your expecting, making sure their scent will be an excellent reminder of the forest. Available in all sizes, single faced or double faced, all wreaths are handmade one by one, ensuring every single wreath will be of a nice dark green color. While the 12 inche wreaths are the lost popular, we also provide our clients with any particular request for wreaths up to 72 inches of diameter, for special events or commercial use. We welcome wreaths fundraising programs from school , Fire Departments, Lions’ Club and any other social organizations. Please call us directly for more information.

Wreaths & Brush

We also have the traditional 50 pound bale of brush for our customers requesting fresh branches. Available in the Balsam fir tip and the Fraser fir tips, all bales are weighed directly in the field,  making sure the weight is accurate. Bales of brush can be used for making wreaths, grave blankets or simply for hanging greens on doors.





Delivery simplified

At BL CHRISTMAS TREES we deliver fresh cut christmas trees directly from the farm to your location. We are commited to ensure on time delivery.

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The Balsam fir tree is one of America’s most popular christmas trees. For its dark green color and high density foliage.



Fraser fir is a dark blue-green color and has an excellent needle retention, making it a favored choice for the high-end Christmas tree market.

Fraser fir



Christmas Trees for Garden Centers and independent retailers

BL CHRISTMAS TREES has been growing trees for more than two generations. We wholesale Balsam fir and Fraser fir Christmas trees grown in our plantations to independent retailers and garden centers all over North America and overseas.

Christmas Tree Farm


Christmas Trees for Exportation

BL CHRISTMAS TREES is proud to be producing some ofthe finest cultivated Christmas trees available on the market.

Christmas Trees for Exportation